Year 12 Information

Information for Year 12 Students

  • All students in Year 12 will need to choose a total of six subjects.
  • All courses are optional, however you are strongly encouraged to take English or a subject that leads to University Entrance Literacy (in both Reading and Writing).
  • Choose the remainder of your subjects from Year 12 options (or Year 11 options if you don’t meet the criteria).
  • Employment Skills counts as two subjects. 
  • Trades Academy students must also study English.
  • If you have a particular career or tertiary course in mind, you should have your course checked by one of the Careers staff.

All courses are dependent on student numbers and staffing. Students will be advised if the school is unable to provide the subjects they select.  If a course is over-subscribed, students will be required to take part in a selection process.

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