How to select my courses

Creating your own course plan

Basic Steps: Find your Course  > Or save as a selected course > Save as a favourite

Favourite courses are courses that they are planning to take in future or that will count towards their career goals. 

How to choose my Courses:

  1. Log into SchoolPoint
  2. Navigate to My Courses/Courses for me on the left hand side. A list of courses available to you (based on your timetable or Year Level will appear.
  3. Click on a course that you are interested in taking next year. You will be taken to a page that includes useful information such as course description, pathway and recommended prior learning.
  4. Click on the + Select as one of my Courses button to add this course to your Selected list. Click the same button to remove it. 
  5. If you will be in Year 11 next year, you will be prompted to choose your compulsory English and Maths courses before you choose your options.
  6. Click on the View my Courses to view a summary of your courses.
  7. You can also choose the Add to your Favourites Courses button to add this course to your favourite list. Click the same button to view a list of your Favourite Courses. Click on the name of the course to remove it.
  8. Some courses will require you to write a note (or application) because of restricted numbers. 
  9. If you are studying a mixed Level course, you can request an exemption to study courses at higher than your Year Level.


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